Bosch launches IP Power Supplies for MIC Series

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24 January 2013 - Bosch Security Systems announces IP power supply units (PSUs) for the MIC Series 550 and MIC Series 612 ruggedized pan-tilt-zoom cameras. The new PSUs feature an integrated IP video encoding system, transforming these MIC Series models into network surveillance cameras.

The MIC IP Power Supplies are designed with a complete IP system concept. A MIC Series 550 or MIC Series 612 camera, when connected to an IP Power Supply, streams IP video to the network and offers advanced system features, including edge recording, Intelligent Video Analysis for up to 10 preset positions, and more. They also provide the option for Ethernet fiber optic transmission.

With the new PSUs, customers can record video on SD or SDHC cards for up to 32 gigabytes of local storage or on network-attached RAID iSCSI storage devices. Built-in iSCSI support allows the MIC Series cameras with IP Power Supplies to act as conventional DVRs while streaming high-performance live video across the network. H.264 encoding provides high-resolution images at low bit rates, and dual-streaming allows viewing and recording at different quality levels to reduce bandwidth and storage requirements.

The power supplies enable the MIC Series cameras to be operated simultaneously over IP or analog via Bosch’s Bilinx communication technology over the coaxial video cable. Video can be viewed using a Web browser, the Video Client software and the Video Management System from Bosch, or with third-party software including ONVIF conformant platforms.

The PSUs also enable MIC Series cameras to operate using Intelligent Video Analysis and automatically alert customers to potential security risks. Each MIC Series camera with an IP Power Supply can be programmed to detect loitering, line crossing and other potential threats for up to 10 preposition scenes—providing reliable tracking, analysis and advanced search capabilities.

Designed for easy installation and durability, the PSUs include an IP 67-rated enclosure and operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to +60 degrees Celsius (-40 to +140 degrees Fahrenheit) for standard models, and -40 to +50 degrees Celsius (-40 to +122 degrees Fahrenheit) for infrared illuminator capable models. Like the complete camera series, MIC IP Power Supplies are built to survive harsh environments and have a high tolerance for shock and vibration.

MIC IP Power Supplies come in a range of input voltages. They are ideal for MIC Series installations in city centers, at critical infrastructure sites and in transportation applications.



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“Winning an iF award that recognizes the combination of design and performance is a great honor and at the same time underlines the Bosch philosophy of providing customers with quality products that excel in both function and appearance,” says Murat Keskinkilinc, Product Marketing Manager Conference Systems.